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Welcome to the Latex Shop’s exquisite selection of rubber latex dresses, where fantasy meets fashion. Our curated collection offers an array of daring and seductive latex dresses designed to make a statement. Crafted from high-quality latex material, each dress hugs your curves, accentuating your sensuality. Whether you’re exploring the world of fetish fashion or seeking to express your inner temptress, our latex dresses are the perfect choice. From classic black to vibrant colors, our dresses cater to diverse tastes, making you the center of attention at any event. Elevate your style and embrace the allure of latex & Rubber with our stunning latex rubber dress collection.


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Honour Female Latex Bedeviled Latex Dress - Black
Honour Female Latex Bedeviled Latex Dress

Honour Female Latex Bedeviled Latex Dress

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Honour Latex Dress Black
Honour Latex Dress Black Rubber
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Latex Nurses Uniform- Honour
Red Latex Nurses Costume - Honour

Buy Latex Rubber Dresses Here in Black, Red, Pink or any Color

Latex dresses are a captivating and versatile addition to any wardrobe, offering a unique blend of sensuality and fashion-forward style. Here, we explore different types of latex dresses, each with its own distinctive style, fit, and color options.

1. Mini Latex Rubber Dress:

  • Style: Short and sexy, mini latex dresses are perfect for those looking to make a bold statement. They often feature figure-hugging designs and can be sleeveless or have short sleeves.
  • Fits: Bodycon fit, emphasizing curves.
  • Colors: Classic black, bold red, striking metallics.

2. Latex Rubber Skater Dress:

  • Style: Skater dresses are flirty and playful, with a fitted bodice and a flared skirt that creates a charming silhouette.
  • Fits: Fitted at the waist, flaring out at the hips.
  • Colors: Vibrant pastels, classic black, translucent options.

3. Latex Pencil Dress:

  • Style: Elegant and sophisticated, pencil dresses have a slim, straight cut that exudes timeless allure.
  • Fits: Body-hugging, with a narrow, knee-length skirt.
  • Colors: Deep burgundy, midnight blue, classic black.

4. Latex Corset Dress:

  • Style: Corset-style dresses combine latex with a corset bodice, creating a stunning hourglass figure.
  • Fits: Tight-fitting bodice, flaring out below the waist.
  • Colors: Black with contrasting corset colors, metallic accents.

5. Latex Ball Gown:

  • Style: For a touch of drama and glamour, latex ball gowns feature full, flowing skirts, often with a strapless or off-shoulder neckline.
  • Fits: Fitted bodice, voluminous skirt.
  • Colors: Rich jewel tones, deep purples, shimmering gold.

6. Latex Bodycon Dress:

  • Style: Bodycon dresses are designed to showcase your curves, with a snug fit that hugs the body from top to bottom.
  • Fits: Ultra-tight, figure-enhancing.
  • Colors: Bold, high-contrast colors, metallic finishes.

7. Latex Wrap Dress:

  • Style: Wrap dresses are flattering and adjustable, featuring a wrap-around design that ties at the waist.
  • Fits: Adjustable to accommodate various body shapes.
  • Colors: Versatile and wide-ranging, from bold hues to patterns.

8. Latex Halter Dress:

  • Style: Halter necklines are both elegant and sexy, featuring a high neck with straps that wrap around the back of the neck.
  • Fits: Neck-hugging, backless or open-back designs.
  • Colors: Deep shades for a sultry look, classic black, vibrant reds.

9. Latex Bodycon Dress with Cutouts:

  • Style: Adding an element of daring, these dresses feature strategically placed cutouts to reveal and accentuate certain areas.
  • Fits: Figure-hugging with sensual cutout details.
  • Colors: Dark and mysterious or strikingly bright.

Latex Dress Style, Fit, and Color Comparison Table

Type of Latex Dress Style Fits Colors
Mini Latex Dress Short and sexy Bodycon fit Classic black, bold red
Latex Skater Dress Flirty and playful Fitted at waist Pastels, black, translucent
Latex Pencil Dress Elegant and sleek Body-hugging Burgundy, navy, black
Latex Corset Dress Hourglass allure Tight bodice, flared skirt Black with contrasting corsets, metallic
Latex Ball Gown Dramatic and glamorous Fitted bodice, voluminous skirt Jewel tones, purples, gold
Latex Bodycon Dress Curve-enhancing Ultra-tight Bold, high-contrast colors, metallic
Latex Wrap Dress Versatile and adjustable Adjustable at waist Wide-ranging options
Latex Halter Dress Elegant and sexy Neck-hugging, open back Deep shades, reds, black
Latex Bodycon Dress with Cutouts Daring and sensual Figure-hugging with cutouts Dark or bright colors

Each type of latex dress offers a unique expression of style, and the choice of fit and color allows you to personalize your latex fashion to match your preferences and fantasies. Whether you’re aiming for a sultry look, classic elegance, or bold sensuality, there’s a latex dress style for every occasion and mood.